Will Barnet (1911-2012)
color serigraph 29.5” x 35 ins.

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Happy 100th Birthday, Julio Cortázar!



Happy 100th Birthday (August 26, 1914), to one of the world’s most amazing writers. As was said of him:

“Anyone who doesn’t read Cortázar is doomed. Not to read him is a serious invisible disease which in time can have terrible consequences. Something similar to a man who has never tasted…

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We must be dreaming! Today, we learned that Hello Kitty is not a cat, but instead a little girl who lives in England with her parents and twin sister Mimmy. To ease our discombobulation and orient ourselves, we’ve compiled a list of characters who not only look like cats, but are cats! And they’re jolly good entertainment, as well: 

Felix the Cat - because any list about anthropomorphised cats must include  this important ancestor. Plus his cartoons are available for watching at the Library for the Performing Arts!

Garfield - Garfield’s not quite like other cats, sending kittens to Abu Dhabi and eating lasagna… but he’s still a cat! See for yourself and check out one of his books at your local library.

The Cat in the Hat - Although this Seuss classic has been translated into many different languages, that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a cat, a somewhat troublesome cat who talks, but still… a cat.

Koko and Yum Yum - the stars of Lillian Jackson Braun’s profilic mystery series. Cats all the same, with Koko exhibiting a profound sixth sense.

We could go on and on with Heathcliff, Beatrix Potter’s Tom Kitten, and many more… but who are some of your favorite cats?

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Important, always-relevant comic done by the wonderful Ursa Eyer.

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"The whole earth was brimming sunshine that morning. She tripped along, the clear sky pouring liquid blue into her soul."


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Happy Birthday, Theodore Drieiser (August 27, 1871-December 28, 1945)

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From South Pole explorers to trusty companions, dogs throughout art history are just barking adorable. 


Vida, about 1912, Herbert G. Ponting. J. Paul Getty Museum.
Shepherd with His Dog, about 1795, Johann Jakob Wilhelm Spangler. J. Paul Getty Museum.
Gravestone of Helena, about A.D. 150 - 200, Unknown. J. Paul Getty Museum.
Vessel with Youths and Their Dogs, about 490 B.C., Kleophrades Painter. J. Paul Getty Museum.
Dogs, about 1250 - 1260, Unknown. English. J. Paul Getty Museum.

Woof! Woof!

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Happy Caturday!

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LOC Gov Doc: Wonder Woman For President

Wonder Woman, no. 7, Winter 1943. DC Comics, Inc. Copyright deposit. Serial and Government Publications Division.